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Whisbear Humming Bunny with CRYsensor - Cream

IDR 1,019,000.00
Whisbear Humming Bunny with CRYsensor - Cream 3 3

Dimensions of Humming Bunny with CRYsensor: 33 x 13 x 16 cm.
Humming Bunny with CrySensor and a soft, cuddly toy in one.
Helps baby fall asleep from day one and to act as child’s first friend.
A device inside the toy produces the pink noise, which reminds the baby the friendly sounds they heard in the womb.
The pink noise is the most effective and the safest for your child.
The device is safely and securely installed inside the toy.

The Humming Bunny is made of soft, top-quality material that has been thoroughly tested.
The patterned textiles making the Bunny’s long ears have been designed for the Whisbear brand.
One of the leg is decorated with an ornate, golden embroidery in the shape of heart, with Whisbear logo.
The magnets are safely sewn into the paws, so the toy can be attached to most beds or to pram’s bar.

The CRYsensor feature, or “crying detector,” is a smart solution when babies abruptly waking up at night.
It will recognizes the baby’s crying, then automatically reacts by producing soothing pink noise for 40 minutes of shushing.
After 40 minutes of shushing, the Bunny gently reduces the sound volume and switches into standby mode.
If the child starts crying again, the toy automatically detects it and switches on for the next 20 minutes.
You can turn the device on and off manually with just one button.

Easy to clean, but only after removing the pink noise device.

The device requires 3 AAA batteries to operate (not included).