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Viand Bevande Organic Shitake Powder (33g)

IDR 50,000.00
Viand Bevande Organic Shitake Powder (33g) 3 3

Ages: 6M+.

Volume: 33g.

Made from 100% organic shitake mushroom.

Shitake is rich of vitamin B, vitamin D, anti cancer, immune booster, heart health, brain development and nourish skin.

Shitake powder also function as replacement of food seasoning due to its beefy flavor.

Dried constantly at a very low level temperature to eliminate bacteria.

Consumeable as it is, or sprinkled on food, juice, smoothies, etc.

Can be use as natural dyes on bread, noodle, pasta, etc.

No sugar No salt, No preservative, No seasoning, No additional flavor.

Vegan friendly.

Expiry date: May 2022.