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Tip Toey Joey Toddler Sneakers - Volt Colors Tapioca Seeds

IDR 729,000.00
Tip Toey Joey Toddler Sneakers - Volt Colors Tapioca Seeds 6 6

Recommended age 3-7 years (Please follow size chart)

Size Eur 26, Length size approx. 16 cm.

Size Eur 27, Length size approx. 16.6 cm.

Size Eur 28, Length size approx. 17.3 cm.

Size Eur 29, Length size approx. 18 cm.

Size Eur 30, Length size approx. 18.6 cm.

Size Eur 31, Length size approx. 19.3 cm.

Size Eur 32, Length size approx. 20 cm.

Size Eur 33, Length size approx. 20.6 cm.

Tip Toey Joey is bendy, comfy and safe, perfect for babies' first steps.

The styles are foot-shaped and non-restrictive, with smart features that support natural growth and mimic the sensation of barefoot walking.

Barefoot concept with minimalist soles, no heels, to promote sensory inputs from the lumps and bumps of the ground.

The wide toe box allows toes to spread freely, promoting a natural and healthy development of the foot.

Easy to put on, the elastic heels gently hold the shoe in place.

Extra soft leather uppers that adapts to the foot shape, giving extra comfort and support.

Cushioned edges and breathable leather lining to keep the feet dry in the summer and cozy in the winter.

Material 100% cow leather.

Made in Brazil.