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Taf Toys Koala Musical Cosy Gym

IDR 1,300,000.00
Taf Toys Koala Musical Cosy Gym 2 2

Age: 0+.
Dimensions: 100 x 80 x 53 cm.
The cozy mat makes an easier transition for the baby, from the womb to the world, by creating a secure and cuddly environment.
Listen to the soft music while watching the contrasting colors activities and position the arches while open to allow fewer activities avoiding over stimulation.
Multiple developmental activities, for mutual play and exploration.
Designed for baby’s 2 developmental stages:
-Stage 1 (0-3m):
Cozy mat with extra padding in soft colors to enable cuddly and comforting environment.
Includes detachable music and lights toy featuring soothing sounds and lights.
Tummy time support - place baby on mat’s pull up sides to encourage baby lifting up head and neck, thus strengthening neck and back muscles.
Adjustable arches with unique positioning system to allow easy interaction with baby.
-Stage 2 (3m+):
Full size play gym and play mat.
Includes 5 multi-sensory toys – koala with a teether and play pocket, ring rattle butterfly, crinkling rainbow, leaf baby-safe mirror and a musical toy with colorful lights. the music and lights toy is activated by baby’s pull, to teach about cause and effect.
Adorable illustrations of adventurous Kimmy koala and pals in nature to promote parent-baby interaction.
Playing with the hanging toys encourages baby’s senses development, fine and gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Extra padded play mat that easily turns into baby's cozy mat and a cozy gym.
Adjustable arches with unique positioning system to allow easy interaction with baby.
The toys can hang on the arches and attach to the mat's loops.
The musical toy is lightweight and easy to fold and can attach to buggies, car seats handles and cots with a velcro strap.
The mat's edge can be used as tummy-time support.
Extremely padded play mat with extra soft fabric for baby’s comfort.
Batteries: 2 X AAA (not included).