Softmate Premium Dry / Wet Tissue (160 wps)

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Volume: 160 wipes.
Ingredient: 100% natural rayon fabric.

Made of natural material, non-irritated.
No additives, fluorescent bleach or heavy metals.
Hypoallergenic, ideal for newborns and up.
Inhibit bacterial growth, safe to use.
Made of supreme quality Korean Clara, no fluff left after use.
Soft and comfortable, best for cleaning baby’s delicate skin.
Wide range of uses, can use as wet or dry.
Other usages as changing diapers, hand and mouth wipes, baby bibs, women cosmetics, kitchen towel or cleaning home appliances.

Origin: Made in Korea.
Size per tissue: 200*210(+-5)mm.
MFG date: YYYY/MM/DD (see package for date).
Caution: For external use only, if skin irritation occurs, stop using and consult a physician.

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