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Petites Pommes Grand Float - Emma Greige 120 cm

IDR 799,000.00
Petites Pommes Grand Float - Emma Greige 120 cm 5 5

Diameter uninflated approx. 120 cm or suitable for ages 6 years +.

Emma is an understated greige with calm, sophisticated and elegant feel. Timeless yet contemporary and the perfect match for a complete neutral look.

All swim rings have an extra fine inside welding for premium comfort.

Hand-printed, completely manual process to make this float special and may different one another.

A dust bag made of organic cotton for convenient storage when not in use.

A repair patch is included with each product should you accidentally suffer a small puncture.

120 cm grand float is made of a slightly heavier 0.3mm PVC with further resistance to heavy use.

Free of BPA and phthalates.