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NeVia Protection Pad Play Size 100 x 140 cm - Lion

IDR 459,000.00
NeVia Protection Pad Play Size 100 x 140 cm - Lion 0 0
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Age: 0+.

Size: 100 x 140 cm.

100% waterproof. No Leak.

Designed as a protective layer to keep your loved ones and any surface dry and free of leakage and stains.

Made of soft and breathable PUL Fabric with 100% waterproof, highly-absorbent Microfibre and Bamboo Cotton.

The extra inner of highly-absorbent microfibre will make the Protection Pad stay dry without any stickiness.

Simply fabulous, protects against any fluids or diaper leaks to save time, money or loads of laundry.

Can be used for potty training, diaper-changing, after-bathing, massage mat, rolling-over mat, play mat, picnic mat, etc.

Suitable for use on mattress, changing table, bassinet, crib, stroller, bouncer, etc.

Waterproof, soft and lightweight, perfect for home-use and traveling.

PVC free and safe with non-toxic dyes, with trim design for easy wash and care.

For pregnant woman, it will protect the mattress in case the waterbag bursts when sleeping.

Including pouch with same design to make it even easier to store the pad.