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NeVia Portable Bottle Warmer

IDR 729,000.00
NeVia Portable Bottle Warmer 32 32

Nevia Portable Bottle Warmer heat up liquids quickly with no outlet needed. It can be used anywhere and anytime so perfect for on-the-go and at home too. It is beautifully designed with a modern digital display for easy temperature selection and reading. It uses slow-heat technology that works best especially for breast milk. 

Product Information:
Size: 7.6 x 7.6 x 9.6 cm.
Weight: 400 g.
Battery: 8800mAh Li-Ion.
Charging time: 2A-6 hours; 3A-4 hours.
Usage: 2 - 6 warming times per full charge.

Product Inside:
1 (one) bottle warmer unit.
1 (one) silicone cap.
1 (one) USB cable.
1 (one) pouch.

Product Details:
Quick heating for 10 minutes or less.
Multiple temperature settings for breast milk or different formula milk brands: 37º(Breast milk), 40º, 45º(Enfamil) or 50º.
Compatible with most brands of baby bottles (adaptors available separately).
Heat retention up to 10 hours or more while staying at warmer.
Actual digital temperature display for modern look.
Medical Grade Stainless Steel and Food Grade Silicone Ring.
BPA free.

Product Safety:
Dry heating protection.
Overheating fuse protection.
Battery overcharge protection.

Compatible, without adaptor, with baby bottle brands:
Us Baby
Little Baby
Kuku Duckbill wide neck
Grossmimi (PPSU)
*Note: glass bottles is not compatible without adaptor.

Multiple adaptors are available (purchase separately) to make it perfect fit to your bottle.

Adaptor available:
Type 1
Pigeon, small neck (PPSU)
Dr Brown's, standard neck (PP)
Medela (PP)
Simba small / standard neck
Chuchu standard / slim neck
Nanobebe (please use Nanobebe universal adaptor to connect Nevia Adaptor Type 1)
Kuku Duckbill standard neck
Vita Flow (PP)

Type 2
Pigeon, wide neck (PPSU)
Chuchu wide neck
Simba wide neck
Baby Safe wide neck

Type 3
Dr Brown's, wide neck (PP)
Putti Atti (please remove the silicone ring inside the adaptor)

Type 4
Comotomo (Silicone)
Ola Baby

Type 5
Tommee Tippee

For Hegen Bottles, Hegen PCTO Wide Neck Adapter is needed. This adaptor can be purchased directly from Hegen.