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Nai-B Inflatable Baby Chair - Mint

IDR 399,000.00
Nai-B Inflatable Baby Chair - Mint 43 43

For ages 7 - 24 months.

Size: 47.5 x 57.7 x 23 cm.

Nai-B Inflatable Baby Chair is a multi-usage chair for babies, can be used for playtime, feeding, and lounging.

Ergonomically designed for stability and comfortable seating.

Pedal helps lift baby off seat.

Self-attached air-pump.

Easy to use, drains water during bathing.

Easy to travel, deflate and carry.

Easy to store, deflate and keep.

Easy to clean, air dry or wipe with non-absorbent material.

Material: High-grade PVC.

BPA free, Lead free, Phthalate free.

Note: This product is for baby who can SIT UNASSISTED. If baby is 7 months or older but cannot sustain their body weight, the baby should NOT use this product. Always use it in FLAT area. Must be used under ADULT SUPERVISION.