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Modui One-Touch Sippy Cup 260ml - Beige

IDR 259,000.00
Modui One-Touch Sippy Cup 260ml - Beige 10 10

Ages : 6M+.

Dimension approx. 10.5 x 14.5 cm.

Capacity : 260ml.

One Touch Sippy Cup offers easy opening and closing the bottle yet help to prevent anti-leakage and spills.

The components are: One-Touch Cap, Handle, Straw Teat, Anti-Backflow Cap, Straw and Body.

Straw hook at the lid holds the straw to prevent it from leaking.

Soft straw teat helps to prevent leakage and spilling over.

Anti-backflow cap prevents spillage by pressure.

Body made of tritan for durable and safe usage with scale markings.

The separated components make it easier to wash.

Additional of Straw Teat and Straw or Anti-Spill Cap and Weigted Straw are sold separately.

Made in Korea.

BPA Free.