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LilyPadz LilyWash Silicone Cleanser

IDR 149,000.00
LilyPadz LilyWash Silicone Cleanser 45 45

Volume: 47 ml.

Specially formulated to prolong the life of your Lilypadz Silicone Nursing Pads.

LilyWash is a gentle, oil cutting cleanser specially formulated to rinse off easily, leaving no soap residue or fragrance on LilyPadz.

Washing daily by hand using ONLY LilyWash and water is recommended to insure that LilyPadz remains tacky.

When properly cared for, the gentle, adhesive-free lining of LilyPadz will renew with each washing and remain tacky for use again and again.

Safe for you and your baby.