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Kohana Ceramic Cleaver Knife

IDR 359,000.00
Kohana Ceramic Cleaver Knife 5 5

Suitable for cutting big and chunky meats or poultry.

Made from Zirconia Ceramics.

Healthier. Do not corrode and acid resistant due to high chemical stability.

Keep nutrients. Do not oxidise food.

Keep food fresher and retain their natural tastes.

Extra sharp and durable. Keeping the edge sharp permanently.

Non-metal cutlery, rust-proof and will not emit metal ions. Ensure no metal and chemical trace on food.

Made with high-technology, clean and non-stick surface on the

Very light and convenient. Only half the weight of the traditional metal knife.

Excellent comfortable handle and ergonomically designerd.

Rounded edges to keep safe.

Pass the SGS drop test and FDA certified.