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Jaq Jaq Bird Butterstix Zero Dust Chalks - White

IDR 129,900.00
Jaq Jaq Bird Butterstix Zero Dust Chalks - White 0 0
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Each box contains 12 pieces of white-color chalk.
Safe for kids.
Work and feel a bit like pastels as they glide smoothly on most non-porous surfaces: walls, plates, counters, etc.
Great for labeling containers, bottle and glass parties, and more.
Just wipe with a damp cloth to erase.
Free from BPA, Phthalates, PVC.
No Dust. No Smears. No Mess.

Note: Because ButterStix have no dust, they might leave 'ghost chalk marks' from the oil that is contained in the chalk. Depending on the surface, it can be removed completely with a Magic Eraser or with a dry cloth.

Note: Asthma and allergy sufferers should refrain from using the products.