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GoSili Portable Standard Silicone Straw - Cobalt

IDR 55,000.00
GoSili Portable Standard Silicone Straw - Cobalt 0 0
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The GoSili Portable Standard Silicone Straw is the perfect solution for straw usage outside of home.

Reusable straw made with 100% European-grade, platinum silicone.

Sizing is traditional in length, measuring at 20 cm tall and an opening of 0.6 cm and includes a travel case for on-the-go.

This reusable straw is completely bendable, so it folds up perfectly in the travel case.

When you are done sipping, simply fold your straw up, place it in the tin, and on with your day you go.

Straws are soft and flexible, nontoxic, eco-friendly.

As the straw is silicone, it will not melt in your drink like a paper straw, or hurt your teeth like a stainless-steel straw.

Dishwasher safe, boil to sterilize or wash by hand – no brushes or tools needed.

First use: Wash straws with warm water and soap, then drop to boiling water for 2 minutes to sterilize.