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Bruno Oval Hot Plate Optional - Double Steamer

IDR 949,000.00
Bruno Oval Hot Plate Optional - Double Steamer 3 3

Product size approx. 370(w) x 150(h) x 2261(d) mm. Stacking size: 95(h) mm.
Materials: Tritan and stainless steel attached net.
The stackable Oval Hot Plate Double Steamer rack features a stainless steel mesh bottom so steam can be quickly transmitted throughout.
Steam buns or dim sum easily and quickly, or do a seafood feast stacking seafood, vegetables and flavorful congee at the bottom to capture all those amazing flavours.
Caution: MUST be used with the metal racks installed AND Oval Ceramic Coated Pot with sufficient water for steaming. ONLY for Bruno Oval Hot Plate. NOT for use in oven.