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Bionix OtoClear Ear Wax Removal

IDR 160,000.00
Bionix OtoClear Ear Wax Removal 1 1

Safely and thoroughly clear the ear canal of wax and debris without exposing the ear to any risk of injury or hearing loss.

Water is safely dispersed at a 30 degree angle towards the ear canal walls.

3 streams of water generate a whirlpool effect flushing out the wax with 3x the volume and movement.

Impossible to over-insert into the ear canal due to the flare-tip design.

Stay clean and dry with exit portals that let the water and debris drain in a controlled manner.

Use with water to remove wax or without water simply as an air bellow to safely dry ear canal to prevent infection.

Easy use – ability to be operated with one hand.

Made in the U.S.A.