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Bionix AfterSwim (Pack of 20)

IDR 160,000.00
Bionix AfterSwim (Pack of 20) 68 68

Package of 20 in a pack.

The Bionix AfterSwim introduces a new approach to drying water in the ear.

AfterSwim is the safest, fastest, alcohol-free way to dry ear canals, than cotton swab!

Intentionally removing water from clogged ears can prevent swimmer’s ear (otitis externa), ear infection or bacteria buildup.

Safe to use on adult as well as on children who have smaller ear canals.

Contoured in a way that the tip will reach far enough into the ear canal to absorb water, but it cannot be over-inserted like a cotton swab.

No risk of eardrum damage.

Made in the U.S.A.