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Benbat Dazzle Friends Travel Toy - Frog

IDR 279,000.00
Benbat Dazzle Friends Travel Toy - Frog 2 2

Ages: 0+.

Designed to be real baby skills boosters.

Encouraging babies to explore and develop their emotional, cognitive and physical skills.

Gross motor skill - influencing the baby to reach out and touch it, at the same time it contributes to the eye-hand coordination, strengthening grip and
motor skills.

Fine motor skill – small rings and the stretchable legs encourage the baby to grip firmly.

Tactile skill - a variety of fabrics and materials offering a special feel, stimulating the touch sense.

Vision skill – allowing natural light to create stunning effects to catch the baby’s eye with every move.

Hearing skill – crinkly material and the sound of the toys swaying with the small fine rings, all contribute to a variety of interesting sounds.

Oral skill - soft textured plastic arms and legs help with teething and encourage oral exploration.

Cognitive Skill – the peek-a-boo cape promotes a "now you see me, now you don't" effect with its swishes and swings, exercising cognition with sound,
texture, and light.

Emotional skill – toy can act as a transitional object, which the baby can relate to, allows for parent-baby bonding in a fun imaginative way helping to develop the baby's emotional responses.