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Babymax Bottle and Utensils Refill Pack (450ml)

IDR 62,000.00
Babymax Bottle and Utensils Refill Pack (450ml) 6 6

Volume: 450 ml.

This Babymax Bottle and Utensils Cleanser provides the best cleansing power of premium food-grade, naturally derived, plant-based surfactant and pH balanced formula.

Effective to remove milk and food residue on bottle and any utensils.

The luxurious mild scent of bergamot to ensure baby's food and drinks will not be contaminated by strong odor.

Guaranteed by HOMEFREE gold label.

No SLS, No coloring, No paraben, No enzyme, No afterwash residue, No formalin.

Expiry date: Sep 2023.