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59S UVC LED Sterilizing Box with Battery - Blue

IDR 2,900,000.00
59S UVC LED Sterilizing Box with Battery - Blue 0 0
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Dimension: 30.2 x 26.9 x 15.4 cm.

Suitable for sterilizing bottles, cups, toothbrushes, napkins, pacifiers, tablewares, etc.

Sterilization made easy and effective with UVC LED technology.

UVC waves reduce odor that can not be washed away (no effect on removing the original smell of objects).

Fast 180 seconds sterilization with 99.9% sterilization rate.

After sterilize, deodorize and drying keep items in a dry and sterile state.

Auto-off when the lid is opened during operation.

Food grade stainless steel rack and mirror.

Portable design, great for home and outdoors.

Automated temperature and timer control based on environmental condition.

5-sided, 360 degrees multi-directional sterilization and bottom reflection.

Mercury-free, Ozone-free.