Moo Moo Kow Mattress Pad - Lollipop

IDR 350,000.00

Size: 92 x 69 cm.
Material: Water-resistant PUL fabric (to keep bed dry) with microfibre (to absorb fluids) and suede cloth (to wick moisture away and keep baby dry).
To protect the mattress from diaper leaks and milk regurgitation.
To protect the mattress during night time potty-training.
Used for on-the-go as giant changing pad or picnic blanket; or as play mat.
Made from soft and breathable material for mother and baby comfort.
Wicks moisture away to keep baby dry without any stickiness.
Trim design for easy laundry and on-the-go.
Including pouch with same design to make it even easier to store the pad.
PVC free.

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